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Why Are My PR Applications Rejected?

by James William

If you are one of the many applicants who have had their PR applications rejected, it can be very disappointing. It can also lead to frustration and despair. Depending on the reason for your rejection, you may choose to appeal or reapply. It is best to consider both options carefully before making your decision.

1. Incomplete Documentation

Errors in documentation such as typo errors, documents that are not translated into English or wrongly translated, documents that are not notarised, missing mandatory documents all will result in PR rejection. Many people do not take this seriously enough but this is one of the first reasons for rejections. PR applicants need to thoroughly check their submissions or hire an immigration expert like IASG for help.

A Singapore PR application can get rejected if you are not able to submit all the required documentation such as proof of funds, inconsistent details in your form, unclear scanned copies of documents, missed deadlines or due to mistakes committed by immigration officers. It is therefore essential to seek the help of an experienced immigration lawyer to make sure that all requirements are met.

Misrepresentation happens when an applicant mentions false information on their application form. It may be due to a lack of understanding or incomplete information about how to fill the form. This type of misrepresentation can lead to your application being rejected and also bar you from reapplying for a few years.

2. Criminal Record

Having criminal records can be one of the major reasons your PR applications rejected. It is important to have a clean record so that you can contribute positively to society in Singapore and do not pose a threat to others and the country. A clean record can also improve your chances of success in applying for citizenship as it shows that you have respect for the laws of Singapore and culture. PR status is a responsibility that comes with the rights, and you must demonstrate that you are capable of embracing these duties and responsibilities.

3. Financial Status

A common reason that a PR application gets rejected is due to lack of funding. Applicants must be able to demonstrate that they will have the means to support their lives in Singapore. Therefore, a stable career, financial portfolio in insurances and investments would be good to present to the ICA.

4. Work Experience

The type of industry, number of years in a company, position in the company, salary, achievements all support the success of a PR application. If an applicant is working in an in-demand sector in Singapore such as AI, finance, and healthcare, it raises his/her chance to get PR approval. This is because he/she is helping close the gap in Singapore’s workforce, therefore helping to sustain the economy. 

5. Education

There is no minimum educational level in Singapore PR application. However, it is mandatory to show all educational certifications. It is also very important that all candidates only submit real, official certificates. Due to Singapore’s popularity amongst foreigners who look for job opportunities, many have submitted doctored or fake certificates to the authorities. This is a crime and offenders may be deported and banned from entering the country permanently. Singapore has implemented a thorough procedure to check that all educational certificates submitted are legit. 


Many people dream of becoming a permanent resident of Singapore. However, the process is often challenging and even a small mistake can cause your application to be rejected. It is important to understand the reasons behind PR rejection so that you can avoid them in the future. With expert tips and the help of immigration consultancy, you can increase your chances of success and make the journey smoother. 

However, having your PR application rejected is no fun, but there are two options that can help you get back on the track. Either you can appeal for a review or wait for 6 months to apply again in the next window. For help with Singapore PR applications and PR appeals, call Immigration@SG at +65 6493 1830. 

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