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Artistry In Exile: Crafting A New Horizon

by James William

Crafting in Path of Exile involves using currency items to modify, improve or change an item. Item level dictates the pool of modifiers that can be obtained when influencing an item, while catalysts can increase the chances of getting specific mods. Item crafting also offers advanced options such as splitting items and reforging with the new Orb of Annulment. Other techniques include fossil and beast crafting through Einhar’s menagerie.

Crafting Basics

While the craft of exile system in PoE is highly specialized and complex, there are a few simple methods every player should know to get the most out of their gear. These basic steps can lead to a huge boost in power for your characters, whether you’re making gear for yourself or your friends. In the early game, a cheap and easy way to upgrade your gear is to simply re-roll its mods using the Orb of Transmutation. This can result in a magical item with one or two very good affixes. This method is especially useful in the early game, when you might not have the money to spend on a Shaper or Elder item.

Once you’re comfortable with this technique, it’s time to move on to more advanced ways of improving your gear. Fossil crafting is a great way to take control of the item modifier pool, and the unique interactions between different fossils can be used to block or boost specific mods. This is a great strategy for building specialized gear and getting that perfect combination of mods. Another useful way to get a lot of value out of an item is by metacrafting. This is a process of using Orbs of Transmutation, Augmentation and Regal to re-roll an item until you find the desired mods. This can be a great way to build a powerful character without breaking the bank, but it requires a lot of patience and a fair amount of luck.

More advanced techniques include utilizing the Fenemal Plagued Arachnid to split an item and create a second, identically boosted piece. This is an excellent way to get a lot of value out a valuable item, as it can easily be sold for more than its cost. The Ferric Lynx Alpha craft can also be used to manipulate the prefix and suffixes of items, increasing your chances of getting desired affixes. Finally, it’s always worth popping into the Menagerie every now and then to see what unique additions can be made with influence.

Fossil Crafting

Fossil crafting is a powerful tool for item creation in path of exile. It allows players to more deterministically craft items with specific mods such as life rolls, attack damage, minion damage, elemental damage, etc. It can also be used to create more efficient items by granting additional links to a weapon or shield. Fossils can be found in delve or purchased from the vendor. They can be socketed into resonators to create special fossil modifiers. These are then used in combination with other modifiers to create unique and valuable items. Fossil crafting can be very profitable and is important for endgame gear. It can be used to make wands with +spell and +1 minion damage and a high base defense, as well as a variety of other modifiers.

Item crafting in path of exile is a complex process that involves numerous different factors, such as item levels and mods, crafting bench mechanics, and calculating the best value for an orb. It can be difficult to understand and can be time-consuming, but it is crucial for creating strong gear. By using methods such as fossil crafting, and understanding item levels and mods, players can improve their chances of success when creating orbs. Fossil crafting can be used to create more useful item bases with fewer slots. This can help to avoid unnecessary waste, especially with high-level items. However, it is important to remember that not all modifiers can roll on all item types.

A new type of Fossil, Shuddering, increases the spawn chance of all modifiers with speed and mana tags. Using this fossil in combination with Lucent Fossil can block some combinations of modifiers, which can be helpful to prevent over-rolling of certain types of mods. Fossil crafting can be used to make items more resonator friendly, which can be useful for certain builds. For example, a Fossil can increase the likelihood that an item will receive a resonator-friendly mod by 10x. In addition, it can reduce the resonator cost by 5%. It can be particularly useful when trying to craft items that require a lot of resonators such as caster rings.

Beast Crafting

Beast crafting is a great way for players to obtain powerful items in Path of Exile. These items can be used to increase a player’s physical damage output, as well as provide special bonuses and resistances. In addition, these items can also be used as currency for trading with other players. To begin crafting a beast item, players must first locate a Blood Altar. This altar can be found in the Menagerie area of the game, which is located in Act 5. Once the Blood Altar has been found, players must then sacrifice beasts to it. This will cause the altar to spawn an item that combines the beast parts it contains.

During the process of beastcrafting, players must be careful to ensure that they have enough materials to create the item they want. This is because the amount of material needed to create a particular item will vary depending on the type of item they are trying to craft. For example, a sword requires more material than a flask. In addition to combining beast parts, the Blood Altar also allows players to add a variety of different modifiers to their items. These modifiers can greatly improve the strength and durability of a weapon, making it more effective in battle. Some of these modifiers include regenerative properties, elemental damage, and even life recovery rates.

While most of these mods can be obtained through slain monsters, some are available through other means. For instance, a regal orb can upgrade a blue item to a rare item with three prefixes and three suffixes. This can be a huge benefit to a character who wants to maximize their potential damage and defense. There are several ways to obtain these modifiers, including through fossil crafting and using imprinting recipes. Splitting items can also be useful, as there is a 50% chance that one of the hard-to-get modifiers will appear on the new item.

The latest Atlas Memory ‘Einhar’s Memory of Harvest Beasts’ introduced a few additional beasts that can be captured for beastcrafting. These include the Wild Bristle Matron, which grants ‘Add a Crafted Meta-modifier to non-Unique Items’. This is useful for players who are trying to put a specific meta-modifier on a non-unique item, such as adding a veiled chaos prefix to a 3-suffix rare item.


Achieving a powerful item in craft of exile requires a mixture of skill, strategy and a little bit of luck. A key component in the process is understanding your item base, which identifies the combination of modifiers that make up an item. Understanding this is vital in determining how to enhance items and achieve the best possible outcome. The basic crafting method in craft of exile allows players to modify a variety of different attributes, including attack damage, critical hit chance and armor stats. While there are some limitations on what can be crafted this way, it is a reliable method of enhancing equipment. The more advanced methods allow for even more precise and targeted item enhancement.

Some of the more complex metacrafting techniques revolve around special mods that can be applied to an item at the crafting bench. These special mods, such as “Cannot Roll Attack Modifiers” or “Prefixes Cannot Be Changed,” block certain modifier groups on an item while allowing others to be augmented. This can be especially useful when attempting to unlock a specific non-caster affix on an item.


In addition, some monsters can offer a unique opportunity for enhancing items through their interactions with the player. For example, the Ferric Lynx Alpha and Ferric Wolf Alpha monsters offer a special ability that swaps suffixes for prefixes on an item. This can be a very helpful way of obtaining a desired affix without spending too many currency items, as it eliminates the need for a meta mod to lock the required affix. Another metacrafting technique involves combining multiple mods to increase the odds of a desired outcome. For instance, if a player wants to secure two or more of the new affixes available in the game, they can use the “Can have multiple Crafted Modifiers” meta mod to help increase their chances of getting those affixes.

Other advanced metacrafting tactics involve using essences and fossils to aid in crafting. For example, if a player is trying to secure the tier 6 Conqueror influenced Prefixes or Suffixes on an item, they can use an Essence of Insight to guarantee that the wanted affix will be added. This can save a lot of money, as it eliminates the need to spend on an Orb of Domination or an Orb of Alteration, as those items will only replace a single affix with another.

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