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Choice Home Warranty Prices

by James William

Choice home warranty prices are in line with industry standards. They offer a 24/7 claims service and a workmanship guarantee for all repairs. The company also has a variety of add-on options to choose from, including second refrigerators and stand-alone ice makers.

However, the company does exclude some items and limit what it covers in certain situations. For example, they will not cover any issues that weren’t addressed in inspections.

Basic Plan

The Basic Plan offered by Choice Home Warranty is a good option for homeowners looking to cover their appliances and home systems. The company offers a simple online quote process, and customers can sign up for a plan without speaking to a representative. The company also offers a free month of service with the purchase of any annual plan. However, it should be noted that the company is currently subject to a class-action lawsuit regarding bad-faith claims denials, and its customer service has mixed reviews on third-party review sites.

The plan has a low monthly rate and includes coverage for up to 14 systems and appliances. It also comes with a limited lifetime guarantee on parts and labor for covered repairs. However, the company’s coverage limits may not be enough to meet the needs of some homeowners. In addition, the company does not cover pre-existing conditions or damage caused by misuse or neglect of household components.

While the Basic Plan is less comprehensive than other options from choice home warranty prices Home Warranty, it still covers a large number of appliances and home systems. Unlike some competitors, it does not exclude certain home systems or appliances due to age, and its claims processing is quick and easy. However, it should be noted that the Basic Plan does not include refrigerators, washers and dryers, or air conditioning. The Total Plan, on the other hand, provides full coverage for these items.

The company’s add-on options are somewhat limited compared to other providers, but it offers an $85 trade service fee that is not included in the monthly or annual policy cost. Moreover, its homeowner satisfaction guarantee is another plus.

Total Plan

Choice Home Warranty aims to provide a streamlined experience for its customers. The company offers a range of coverage options that cover many of the major issues homeowners face. In addition, the company provides a solid workmanship guarantee and offers a flexible payment plan.

The Total Plan is one of the most popular options available from Choice Home Warranty. This service covers a wide variety of appliances and systems, including swimming pools and septic tanks. In the event that a covered appliance or system breaks down, Choice will send a contractor to perform an inspection. They will then determine if the item can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced. In the event that a system or appliance cannot be repaired, Choice will pay cash to the homeowner in the amount of the estimated replacement cost.

Another benefit of this service is that it provides a full year of coverage for the item in question. This is different from the typical 90-day policy offered by other home warranty companies. This extra year can be a big help for homeowners who are concerned about unforeseen breakdowns.

In addition to its comprehensive coverage, Choice also has an extensive network of contractors that can perform repairs. This makes it easier for homeowners to get their repairs done quickly. The company also has a good reputation for customer service. Many of its reviewers praised the company’s representatives for their knowledge and helpfulness.

While the company’s online quote tool is functional, it isn’t as feature-rich as some of its competitors. The lack of customization, comparison tables, and price transparency can be frustrating for some users. In addition, the $85 service fee is a little high for some homeowners. However, the company does allow homeowners to make a single annual payment instead of paying monthly, which may save them money in the long run.

Service Fee

Although some home warranty companies excel in specific areas, such as lengthy workmanship guarantees or low rates, Choice does well across a number of core strengths. In particular, its customer service line is available around the clock, and representatives are known for their responsiveness in contacting homeowners to schedule technician appointments and ensuring that claims are honored as quickly as possible.

The company also offers an online quote tool, but customers may find it more convenient to contact a representative to get their quotation. The online platform asks for basic information, such as name, address, and property type. Afterwards, users can select which plan they wish to purchase and add-on coverage options. However, they won’t see a price breakdown until after they click “Get a Quote.”

While Choice offers comprehensive coverage on appliances and systems, the company’s contracts may be seen as deceptive or misleading by some consumers. For example, the company’s sample contract states that its liability won’t exceed $3,000 for each covered item, which could leave customers responsible for any repairs that exceed this amount. Similarly, the contract does not cover pre-existing conditions, nor does it include coverage for any damage caused by improper use or abuse of appliances and systems.

Fortunately, Choice does offer a handful of add-on options to help mitigate these limitations. This includes pool and spa coverage, a limited roof leak protection policy, and a range of pump system coverages including septic tanks, sump pumps, and stand-alone freezers. However, these add-ons aren’t as extensive as those offered by some other home warranty providers and, like their base plans, do not include additional home services such as gutter cleaning or carpet cleaning.


Choice offers several add-on coverage options for homeowners who wish to include items like a pool, central vacuum system or stand-alone freezer in their policy. These options are an effective way for consumers to increase their home warranty plan’s coverage without significantly increasing their monthly rate. However, homeowners should keep in mind that the coverage limits for add-ons may differ from the home systems and appliances covered by their base warranty plan.

Regardless of which add-ons they choose, Choice customers will pay a service fee when they file a claim for one of these items. While the company’s $85 service fee is fairly standard for home warranty providers, some individuals may find it frustrating that they can’t adjust their service fee based on their specific needs.

On the other hand, Choice’s around-the-clock customer support is a major strength that many competitors can’t match. Consumers can reach representatives on the phone at any time and speak with a representative about their home warranty policy, even during major holidays.

In addition, the company offers a functional if not outstanding online quote tool. It asks for basic information, including the name of the homeowner and address, before displaying a list of plan options along with their costs. Those who want to see a more detailed breakdown of their potential options can contact the company to request one, but this process may take longer than other providers’ tools. Lastly, Choice allows customers to save money by making a single annual payment instead of paying its monthly fee, and some customers who do this will receive 1 month free of coverage. These discounts are not terribly plentiful, but they do exist and are an effective way for consumers to save money on their Choice home warranty policy.


Choice Home Warranty offers many discounts and deals throughout the year to help customers save money on their warranties. These promotions can include special prices for new customers, free initial months of coverage, or other savings on a range of home repair and replacement services. Customers can also find coupon codes and other offers on their website or social media channels.

One area where Choice stands apart from other warranty companies is that it does not require homeowners to get a home inspection before a contract is issued, which can save them money on the initial cost of their warranty. The company also promises to offer fast and convenient service to homeowners when they have a claim, with customer support representatives available to speak with customers around-the-clock.

Customers who use a Choice home warranty coupon can save up to $75 off the initial cost of their plan. However, it is important to read the terms and conditions carefully before applying a coupon to avoid any issues or restrictions. In addition, the company does not allow its coupons to be combined, so customers should only apply one coupon at a time.

While Choice has more negative reviews than its competitors, it is a legitimate company with a good track record in the home warranty industry. Unlike American Home Shield, it does not require a credit score to qualify for its plans, and customers can save money by choosing a single annual payment instead of monthly installments.

The company’s online quote tool is simple to use, but it lacks transparency. It asks for basic information about the homeowner and home, but it does not provide a detailed breakdown of costs or coverage limits until the customer reaches the purchase screen. Additionally, the site does not disclose whether adding optional add-ons will increase the policy’s overall price tag.

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