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Jesus T Shirts That Make You Bold Enough To Proclaim Your Faith

by James William

A t-shirt is a simple yet powerful piece of clothing that can express a variety of messages. It can even be used to share one’s faith in Jesus Christ with other people. Check out these cool Jesus t shirts that you can use to start conversations about your faith with others in a non-threatening and effective manner.

1. Jesus Is The Center Of Your Life

There is nothing more important than making Jesus the center of your life. He is the King of kings and Lord of lords, and nothing can compare to living in full devotion to Him. When you make Jesus the center of your life, you can rest in his grace and live for eternity with him. You can also find peace from the worries of this world and know that he loves you.

2. Jesus Is The Anchor

When we feel like the winds of life are blowing us around, Jesus is our anchor, to know more click here christian-t-shirts.com. We can cling to Him, stay close and share our heart with Him. Confess Him with your mouth, study His word, pray and give God praise and He will anchor your soul! He never fails. This t-shirt design will start conversations about Jesus and lead to someone else coming to know him!

3. Jesus Is My Strength

Our Jesus t-shirts are designed to start conversations and introduce people to the Lord. They also help believers remember that the strength of Heaven they learned to use at Pentecost is available today. Let God flow His righteousness, holiness, wisdom, goodness, love, and faith right into your soul. It is yours for the taking.

4. Jesus Is My Foundation

Many people put their hope in things that are fleeting and passing, but Jesus is the solid foundation that never moves. Make sure that you are building on Christ so when life’s storms come you will be unshakable. This t-shirt has a powerful message that will start conversations and help to bring others to Jesus! This t-shirt features shoulder-to-shoulder taping and double-needle stitched lay-flat collar, sleeves and armholes. Made from 100% cotton.

5. Jesus Is My Fitness

If you like to workout, this Christian t shirt is for you. It features a fade resistant logo on a soft black tee that will definitely start conversations with those around you. It is made from 100% cotton and is a sturdy, durable tee that will last for years to come. It is also machine washable for easy care. Get Fit God’s Way!

6. Jesus Is My Coffee Lover

If you love coffee and Check out these cool Jesus t-shirts, this is the perfect tee for you. This black tee is made of 100% cotton and features shoulder-to-shoulder taping, double-needle stitched lay flat collar, sleeves and armholes. Machine washable. This shirt is sure to start conversations and acquaint others with the Word of God. The name JESUS means “God saves.” What a powerful message! This Christian t-shirt makes a great gift.

7. Jesus Is My Friend

Throughout his life, Jesus pursued friendships. He was intentional with His time, building trust and sincerity with His disciples. He encouraged them in truth, often quoting Scripture and sharing His heart for them. It’s amazing that He considered them to be His friends rather than servants. He even laid down His life for them. What a beautiful picture of true love!

8. Jesus Is My Hero

Jesus’ quest was unlike anything ever accomplished. He took the world’s petty sins and destructive wars on his shoulders and put them to an end. He reached out to the ‘outcasts’ of his time, showing that all humans are equal regardless of health or social status. His divine understanding of equality inspired people to follow him. That takes courage! He deserves the title of hero.

9. Jesus Is My Superhero

While most superheroes have some sort of weaponry – like guns, hammers or knives – Jesus does not. He was so secure in who He was, that He did not need any physical weapons to combat the enemy. He is fully human and fully God all wrapped up in one person. This is why He is the ultimate superhero! He is also the ultimate savior.

10. Jesus Is My Life

Jesus healed people, restored sight to the blind, and even brought the dead back to life. He cared for the poor and the sick, and His love was unconditional. He crossed racial and cultural barriers to talk to a Samaritan woman at the well, slept on the beach with His followers, and washed their feet. He is beautiful in every facet of His character.


Check out these cool Jesus t shirts that are sure to start conversations and acquaint others with the Lord. Kerusso – This Christian clothing brand has a mission of “T-shirt evangelism”. Their designs are bold proclamations of spiritual truths. Their company has made a name for themselves shipping major quantities of free shirts to areas in need after natural disasters.

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