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Ken Goldin and His Wife Laura

by James William

Ken Goldin is a prominent figure in the world of sports memorabilia. He is also a philanthropist, making appearances at charity events and fundraisers. He has two children, including a daughter named Laura.

His wife is Jenn Goldin, a licensed clinical psychologist who has been operating Palm Beach Women’s Counselling for over a decade. She and her husband have kept their personal lives private.

Ken Goldin’s wife Jenn Goldin

Ken Goldin is a renowned businessman who has built a solid reputation in the world of sports memorabilia. He is the founder of Goldin Auctions, which specializes in rare and valuable collectibles. Goldin’s success in the industry has earned him considerable wealth, and he continues to expand his company’s reach. In addition to his professional accomplishments, Goldin also places a high value on family life. He often shares snippets of his personal life on Instagram, allowing fans to get a glimpse of his everyday life.

The 58-year-old businessman has two children from his first marriage, as well as a daughter named Laura. He currently lives with his second wife, Jenn Goldin. Jenn is a licensed clinical psychologist and has been in charge of Palm Beach Women’s Counselling for over a decade. Despite her busy schedule, she always finds time to spend with her family.

Jenn is a dedicated and hardworking woman, and she has helped to shape Ken’s success as an auctioneer. She has a great deal of influence over the business and is an invaluable asset to the company. In addition to her role as a partner, Jenn is also involved in various charitable activities. As a result, it’s not unusual for her to appear on television shows to discuss the importance of giving back.

In 1986, Ken Goldin and his father founded The Score Board Inc. The company specializes in autographed cards of popular sports-related celebrities. Sales began at around $1 million, but the company quickly grew, reaching $20 million in 1989 and selling collectibles worth $100 million in 1994. This success paved the way for Goldin’s future career in the memorabilia business.

After selling his stake in The Score Board, Goldin established Goldin Auctions in 1998 and became a prominent figure in the field of sports memorabilia. His company has conducted numerous high-profile auctions and has sold more than $1 billion worth of memorabilia. Goldin is also a frequent guest on television and radio programs.

The Goldin family is a close-knit unit that supports one another and values quality time together. Despite his busy work schedule, Ken always makes time for his family and maintains a positive attitude. His strong family support system is a significant contributor to his success and provides him with the motivation he needs to achieve his goals.

Ken Goldin’s daughter Laura Goldin

Ken Goldin’s daughter Laura is a popular figure in the world of sports memorabilia. Her father is a famous entrepreneur who owns and operates Goldin Auctions, an industry leader in high-end sports memorabilia. The company has sold more than $1.3 billion in items and broken several sales records. In addition to his business, Ken is a renowned collector who has amassed an impressive collection of rare items.

The family lives in New York City and focuses on staying fit and healthy. They are a tight-knit unit that cares deeply for each other and strive to achieve their goals. In addition, they enjoy traveling and spending time together.

Laura’s social media accounts give a glimpse into her life and lifestyle, which are a reflection of her strong values and philanthropic pursuits. She is an advocate for children with special needs and regularly raises funds to support her causes. She is also a dedicated animal lover and has rescued many dogs over the years.

In addition to her Instagram account, which has over 6.6k followers, Laura also maintains an online boutique where she sells clothing and footwear. She is a recent graduate of Syracuse University and currently works as an assistant media planner at Merkley + Partners. Before that, she worked at companies such as Cashman & Associates and Bleecker Trading.

Although little is known about Laura’s personal life, she shares pictures of her travels on her Instagram account. Her love of travel has captured the hearts of her followers and inspired them to follow their dreams. Her father is very proud of her and often posts photos of her on his social media pages.

From his first marriage with Jenn, he has two other daughters: Paul and Carleigh. Paul was born in 2013 and Carleigh was born in 2017. While the details of their relationship remain private, they are close to their father and share a wonderful bond.

The couple’s youngest child, Laura, appears alongside her dad in the Netflix series King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch. The show follows the journey of an entrepreneur who makes money in the world of rare and valuable collectibles. The show also shows Ken jetting all over the world to secure coveted sports memorabilia for his clients.

Ken Goldin’s daughter Lindsey Goldin

Ken Goldin is an American entrepreneur and TV personality who runs a popular online marketplace called “Goldin Auctions.” The company sells billions of dollars worth of sports memorabilia. Ken’s love for collecting memorabilia started at a young age when he would save his pocket money to buy sports cards. His passion for sports memorabilia and his business acumen helped him achieve success in the industry.

His wife Jenn is an excellent supporter of his endeavors and has played a vital role in shaping his career. She has a unique and interesting story of her own and has an extensive experience as a clinical psychologist. She has run a clinic named Palm Beach Women’s Counseling for more than a decade.

The couple has two daughters and one son, and they share a close relationship with each other. They often post authentic photos of their family on social media platforms. They are a wonderful example of how successful people balance their professional life with their personal lives.

Laura, the eldest daughter of Ken Goldin, is well-known for her appearance on season 1 of King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch. In the show, she accompanied her father on trips to Puerto Rico to secure rare basketball memorabilia. She has a good working relationship with her father and is very passionate about her work.

Lindsey, the younger daughter of Ken Goldin, is also a significant part of his show. She is currently working at The Orchard as a Content Acquisition Coordinator. Lindsey is 26 years old and celebrated her birthday in July 2022. She has worked at companies such as WNRN, Community Dispute Settlement Center, and WERS 88.9 FM.

It is hard to find out about Ken’s net worth as he prefers to keep his personal details private. However, it is estimated that his company has a value of over $300 million. Moreover, the annual sales of his business are growing rapidly. This is due to the growing popularity of sports memorabilia. Therefore, it is safe to say that Ken’s business empire will continue to grow in the future.

Ken Goldin’s son Paul Goldin

Ken Goldin’s son Paul is the current president of his family’s company, which generates more than $300 million in sales. The company specializes in sports and entertainment memorabilia, and is the official auction house for the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame and the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association. He also serves on the board of directors at the Philadelphia Museum of Sports and as chairman of Camcare charitable foundation. Ken’s commitment to his family is evident in the values he promotes, ensuring that he is present for all of their milestone moments.

Jenn Goldin, Ken’s wife, is a licensed clinical psychologist. She has worked in the field for over a decade, and currently leads Palm Beach Women’s Consulting. She is an advocate for the rights of women and has been featured in several publications. Despite her busy schedule, she always makes time for her husband and children.

In 1986, Ken and his father created The Score Board Inc, a company that signed sports-related celebrities to autographed cards and resold them for a profit. The business soon grew, and in 1989 the company went public. Its sales reached $20 million in that year, and in 1994 they surpassed $100 million in sales. Ken’s success in the company led to appearances on many television shows, and he became a well-known figure in the collectibles industry.

Today, Ken Goldin and his wife Jenn are parents to Laura, Lindsey, and Carleigh. They are a happy and close-knit family, and they often share pictures of themselves on social media. While they do not disclose their exact wedding date, it seems like the couple has been together for a while.

Ken’s daughter, Laura, is a prominent member of season 1 of the Netflix show King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch. She has a number of Instagram accounts that feature her outfits and lifestyle. She has more than 6.6k followers, and she is known to frequent trendy places in New York City. Her style is a mix of vintage and contemporary, and she is frequently seen in Prada headgear.

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