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Jamie Fuller – A Woman With a Heart of Gold

by James William

Jamie Fuller murdered his fourteen-year-old girlfriend in a jealous rage. He stabbed her and stomped on her before boasting about it to his friends.

During his trial Dr. Grisso testified that steroid use had significantly impaired Fuller’s ability to appreciate the wrongfulness of his conduct. This adversity would mark the beginning of an extraordinary chapter in his life.

Life Story

Jamie Fuller was a loving and kind woman who had an extraordinary ability to connect with others. She had a deep love for family and loved to cook for anyone who would sit down to enjoy her creations. Her passion for life, creativity, and unwavering support of others will live on in the hearts of her loved ones. Jamie is survived by her parents, Salena and Jay Fuller of Portsmouth, Ohio; a sister, Kathryn Fuller of McDermott, Ohio; nieces and nephews Aiden Orban, Avian Orban, and Miles Poe; and many other relatives.

The murder of Amy Carnevale at age 14 by 16-year-old Fuller is a chilling reminder that young infatuation can turn deadly. The case also highlights how teenage angst and toxic masculinity can lead to lethal aggression.

After killing Amy, Fuller took his friends to the home of his friend Sciola where he washed the blood off his hands, drank red Kool-Aid because it seemed appropriate, and warned that they would be next if they told the police about the incident. He then instructed them in the disposal of the body, taking two trash bags, cinder blocks, and lobster line (which would not fray in the water) to dispose of the girl’s remains in Shoe Pond.

A jury convicted him of first-degree murder and he was sentenced to life in prison. During his trial, he attacked and verbally abused his defense attorney, Thomas Sheets, calling him a “Judas” who got 30 pieces of silver for working against him. He also denied that he was a serial rapist, although DNA evidence from several of the assaults was a perfect match for his.

In July of 2003, Fuller was on parole for a conviction in Branch County when he went off his medications and began drinking. He then stole a vehicle from the owner on Morse Street in Coldwater and was chased into Kent County by law enforcement. He was arrested after officers managed to pin the vehicle and stop it. He is serving a concurrent sentence for parole violation in Branch and Kent counties.


Jamie Fuller was a woman who had a heart of gold and the ability to nurture meaningful connections with others. Her compassion for those in need made her a beloved friend to everyone who knew her. Her life’s story is one of redemption, as she overcame adversity and transformed herself into a beacon of hope and change.

In her last years, Jamie was diagnosed with cancer, but she continued to make the most of every moment she had left in this world. Her incredible strength and unwavering optimism helped her to inspire her friends, family, and community to find the best in themselves. Jamie was a true force of nature, and her legacy will continue to live on in the hearts of those who loved her.

After a decade behind bars, Fuller became eligible for parole in 2019. This milestone represented a turning point in his life and was a pivotal opportunity to reintegrate into society. He took advantage of this time to educate himself, confront his past mistakes, and to emerge as a fundamentally changed individual. His post-incarceration journey has been marked by advocacy and an enduring dedication to criminal justice reform and rehabilitation.

Fuller’s unrelenting willingness to tackle difficult social issues with brutal directness is more evident in his nonfiction work than in his films. In The Dark Page, published around the same time as his first films were released, he exhibits an impressive capacity for marshaling sensuous details through verbal language, and for presenting complex understandings of human character.

The book’s narrative begins with an account of the brutal murder of a young woman named Amy Carnevale, a jogger killed in 1989 by four teenagers whose case was later vacated. The story goes on to describe how the boys responsible for her death abused their power, coerced confessions from their victims, and misrepresented evidence in their effort to avoid conviction for their crime.

The book is a searing indictment of the way racial prejudice can be used to misdirect the pursuit of truth and justice, and how the media’s obsession with ratings and sales has led to the destruction of lives. It is a book that will remain as a reminder of the dangers of the path down which many innocent people have been forced to travel.


As a man whose story is steeped in tragedy, Jamie Fuller remains focused on the future—and his role as an inspiration and advocate for change. His redemption journey, from incarceration to parole eligibility and beyond, is a testament to the extraordinary potential for transformation that lies within every human spirit.

At age 16, Fuller stabbed 14-year-old Amy Carnevale and left her body in Beverly’s Shoe Pond, which he had filled with water. He was sentenced to life in prison without parole for the heinous crime.

His crime shattered the dreams of a young girl and devastated her family and friends. But Amy’s death could have been prevented if people had taken the time to listen and intervene. Fuller’s heinous crime was not only premeditated, but also inexcusable.

During his time behind bars, Fuller seized the opportunity to become educated, confront his past, and emerge from prison a fundamentally changed individual. He has dedicated his post-incarceration life to advocating for criminal justice reform and rehabilitation.

James has extensive experience in developing and executing communications and advocacy campaigns across industries including healthcare, IT and professional services, financial services, insurance, real estate, energy and more. His clients have included companies facing proxy battles, civil litigation matters, product recalls and investigations, and other crisis situations.

Since Fuller’s parole hearing was rescheduled for April of 2019, he has been working on his advocacy efforts while also preparing to reenter society. His goal is to be a voice for the victims and their families, as well as a catalyst for positive change in our community.

In the upcoming months, he will be partnering with various organizations and businesses to continue his work as a spokesman for those who have been victimized and to advocate for reform. He will be speaking at high schools and universities, as well as a variety of civic and charitable events.


Jamie Fuller’s life story is a testament to the power of redemption and personal transformation. He emerged from a challenging backdrop to reclaim his future, becoming a voice for change and an inspiration to many. He was a champion of ethical practices in sport and advocated for athlete welfare. His activism touched countless lives, both inside and outside prison walls, and his voice will continue to burn bright.

After 26 years behind bars, Fuller reached a pivotal moment in his journey when he became eligible for parole in 2019. This was not just a legal milestone but a symbolic crossroads where his efforts to build a better future gained tangible momentum. It was a time to show the world that he was not who he once was, and that he could live a fulfilling life as a productive citizen.

As an artist, Jamie Fuller had a natural talent for capturing beauty on paper. Her drawings were a reflection of her soul and brought joy to everyone who beheld them. She also had a love for cooking and her kitchen was often filled with delicious aromas and the laughter of family members.

Her unwavering belief in her own worth was the foundation for her strong friendships, and she was able to nurture meaningful connections with others. She will be missed by her family, friends, and all those whose lives she touched.

Jamie’s death is a devastating loss, but her legacy of love and hope will continue to shine brightly in this community and beyond. She will always be remembered for her culinary prowess, her artistic talents, and her ability to foster deep and loving relationships. Our hearts are with her family and loved ones at this difficult time. Rest in peace, Jamie.

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