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Misty Loman – Not Just Drug Abuse

by James William

When sheriff Adam Bieber posted Misty Loman’s mug shots on the internet, people figured her appearance was due to drug use. But that wasn’t the whole story. Misty was also suffering from Scleroderma and bone cancer. Her sons, Corey and Jacob, begged her to get help and she finally did. Now, she is two years drug-free and looks much better than before.

She Lost Three Children

Misty Loman has lost three children as well as her husband and home. She has been diagnosed with diseases like lupus and scleroderma. She was at the bottom of her life when she decided to take drugs to numb herself. But her family persuaded her to go to a treatment center. She is now recovering from her addiction and has started a new life. She is now living with her dog and tries to do new things every day to improve her health condition. After she was arrested for drug use, she went viral after Sheriff Adam Bieber of Wisconsin published her mugshots on social media. These pictures shocked people around the world. Many people speculated that her unconventional appearance was due to her drug addiction. But Misty clarified that her appearance was a result of the illnesses she has suffered from for years.

She has two sons, Corey and Jacob who are very supportive to her. She was born in Bowling Green, Kentucky. She is also married to Gary Glass Jr. It is not clear whether the two are still together. Misty has been trying to recover from her trauma for the past few years and she is now doing well. Her brother Glenn Bud is very proud of her recovery. He says that she is doing great and will be 40 in 2022. Misty continues to pursue recovery and is almost two years sober. She is working on her mental and physical health, and she has started to love herself again.

She is now back in society and has a lot of followers on her Facebook page. She writes about her experiences and encourages others to be strong in their struggle against drug addiction. Her life is proof that it is possible to recover from drug addiction and find happiness. She is a good example for the young generation to look up to.

She Was A Drug Addict

Misty loman is a woman who has suffered much in her lifetime. She lost three children, and she was suffering from lupus disease, bone cancer, and scleroderma (a skin condition that causes the skin to become hard). Her life became completely messed up and she began abusing drugs to feel numb. Eventually, she lost her home, car, and health, and her addiction got worse. When a sheriff from Wisconsin posted her mugshots online, the photos shocked people worldwide and made her an overnight sensation. However, the sheriff did not disclose the true story behind her unconventional appearance.

She was a drug addict who lost her family, children, and car, and she abused illegal substances to cope with her pain. She was also suffering from scleroderma, a condition that caused her skin to harden and cause her hair to fall out. She was living a miserable life and had no hope for recovery. But, thanks to a good friend, she was able to get her life back on track. She is now two years clean and has a better physical appearance. While Misty Loman’s story is heartbreaking, it shows the power of community and faith. Her friends and the Sisters in Sobriety support group encouraged her to seek help, and she was admitted to a treatment center. She also got baptized and found peace in religion. Her sons, Corey and Jacob, helped her recover, as they insisted on long-term treatment.

Misty’s story is an example of how addiction can affect the whole family and lead to tragedy. It is important to remember that a single incident can change a person’s entire life, and it is essential to find the right help. People often judge others without even knowing their stories. But, it is important to verify the facts before making a judgment. This is especially true when it comes to women. It is unfair to judge a woman who is trying to overcome her addiction. So, if you have a friend or relative who is addicted to drugs, encourage them to seek treatment.

She Was Homeless

Until recently, Misty Loman was known only to a few people. Then, her mugshots were shared by a sheriff and went viral on the Internet. Her story captured the interest of many people, and a Go-fund-me campaign was started for her. Her mugshots were of her at her lowest point, and she looked like she was on the verge of death. She lost her three children and was battling multiple autoimmune diseases, including scleroderma and bone cancer. The sheriff who shared her mugshots did so with good intentions. He wanted to discourage people from drug use and encourage them to seek treatment. However, he failed to mention that she had other rare diseases and was living a life of poverty. This left her broken in mind, body, and spirit. She lost the will to live and turned to drugs and alcohol to numb her pain. She eventually lost her hair and was homeless.

She was aware of the possibility of recovery, but her rock-bottom mental and physical state made it difficult for her to accept help. Eventually, her sons Corey and Jacob convinced her to seek help. She went to Sisters, a rehab center, and was able to get back on the road to recovery. She is now two years drug-free and her appearance has improved significantly. She has a Facebook page and posts about her family, particularly her nephews, who she seems to love.

Although she has been in and out of jail fifteen times, Misty is on a path to recovery. She is now married to Gary Glass Jr. and has two children, Corey and Jacob. Her story is a reminder that no one is beyond hope, and it is important to avoid judgment until you know all of the facts. Misty has learned to trust in God and says that he has helped her in ways she could not imagine. She also advises others to pray if they need help. He will listen and help. He is a God of miracles, and he will help you when you’re at your weakest point.

She Was Arrested

After Misty Loman’s mugshot photos went viral, she became an overnight sensation. The mugshots were shared by a Wisconsin sheriff, Adam Bieber, and he used them to warn others about the dangers of meth use. He believed that the drastic change in her appearance was due to drug abuse. However, he failed to mention that she also suffered from a number of other conditions. She was diagnosed with lupus, scleroderma, and bone cancer, which contributed to her unusual appearance. Her children died in infancy, which left her devastated and at rock bottom. She turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with her pain and sank into a deep depression.

Misty Loman was a Kentucky town native and was married to Gary Glass Jr. She had two sons, Corey and Jacob. Her family was very supportive of her. They encouraged her to get help and she did. Her sons even drove her to rehab and she has been sober for over a year now. The mugshots of Misty Loman made her appear like the walking dead, but she has since been able to turn things around. She is now fourteen months sober and says that her life has been transformed. She credits her faith in Jesus with helping her overcome addiction and heal her body.


Her fans have defended her against the rumors that she is an addict, and have posted on her Facebook page to show their support. They have also criticized the news reports and Sheriff Bieber for not doing more research into her case before sharing her mugshots. In an interview with WBKO, Loman said that her appearance was not solely due to her drug use. She explained that she has a rare autoimmune disease called scleroderma, which causes the skin and connective tissue to harden. It is more common in women than men and usually strikes between the ages of 30 and 50. She also suffers from bone cancer, which contributed to her hair loss. Misty Loman’s mugshot timeline shows the tragic steps of her addiction. She has now been clean for over a year and has mended her relationships with her family. She says she is proof that anyone can recover from drug addiction if they take it one day at a time and ask for God’s help

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