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The Best Online Video Games

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If you are a gamer and you are tired of having to search eBay for your favorite games, there are other options available for you. There are sites like Swappa and Craigslist that offer video games for sale.


GameStop is one of the largest video game retailers worldwide. This franchise operates in both brick-and-mortar and online stores. It also sells accessories, gaming merchandise, and retro games. For gamers looking for an alternative to GameStop, there are several retailers available. Two of the best alternatives include EB Games and 2nd & Charles. These companies provide excellent quality products at competitive prices.

Another good option is Game Trade. This company provides trade-in services for old video games and consoles. In exchange for your used games, you’ll receive in-store credit, which you can use to purchase a new game. Another popular alternative is eBay. The second-largest online marketplace after Amazon, eBay offers a wide range of products. Although eBay does not accept pre-owned video games, you can often find brand-new games for sale.

Old School Game Vault

The Old School Game Vault is an online marketplace dedicated to buying and selling used Video Games. It’s a fun place to check out if you’re looking for a quick buck. They offer a wide selection of video games, and they have prices for tens of thousands of titles. If you’re interested in getting rid of some of those old video games you might have laying around, you might want to take a look at this Chicago based company.

One of the coolest things about this company is that they will buy back your old games for cash. You have to meet a few basic requirements though, such as having the game in a nice case, a manual, and a good price. In addition, you will be paid with a gift card from Amazon, which is a great way to get your paws on some extra cash.

DK Oldies

Whether you’re into old-school Nintendo, Sega, Sony or Microsoft games, there are plenty of alternative to eBay and local game shops. One of the more impressive offerings is DK Oldies. It’s not just games though, as the company also sells retro consoles and accessories. You can even trade in your video games for store credit and other perks.

The company’s website features a massive catalogue and impressive customer service. While it’s not exactly an eBay, the site does offer free shipping when you buy at least $50 in products. They also have an impressive catalogue of classic gaming systems, including the NES and Xbox. Similarly, they have a price list for used consoles.

Gam e Flip

There are several video game related sites and services aplenty. For instance, the Old School Game Vault is an online repository for used and refurbished games and games hardware. This is a particularly useful resource for collectors, players and purveyors of all things gaming related. The site has an impressive list of titles spanning the ages of consoles and ninjas, and the list is growing by the day. In addition, the Old School Game Vault boasts a smattering of other gaming related endeavors such as a monthly newsletter and a robust forums section. It also has a large buyer base, especially in the Wii arena.

On the flip side, the site only ships to US addresses. Luckily, the site offers a few ways to find the best deal. One such method is via a proprietary referral service that allows members to receive a percentage of the site’s total revenue.


If you are looking to buy or sell used games, Swappa is a great option. Unlike eBay, Swappa doesn’t charge a listing fee. It also provides a safe and secure marketplace. In order to list on Swappa, you must meet a few requirements. You can also add photos and a description of your game. After you have listed your item, you will receive an email from Swappa. They will check your listing to make sure it’s in working condition and meets the requirements.

Once your listing is approved, you can ship your game. You’ll need to pay for shipping, however. For express shipping, you can choose a flat rate. When your game sells, Swappa will send you a check or PayPal.


For those of you looking to make a few extra bucks on the side, selling old video games can be a great way to do so. There are a number of different places you can sell your old games, and Craigslist is one of them. However, if you’re looking to maximize the amount you can get for your items, it might be best to consider more than one option.

One of the biggest advantages of Craigslist is that it is free to list. This means that you won’t have to pay to advertise your game. Depending on the amount of time you have to spend, you may be able to get a higher price for your items, which will allow you to make a profit.


Video games are a form of entertainment that has been around for more than 50 years. Today, they are played on mobile devices, tablets, consoles, and personal computers. They are also used in competitions and computer learning. Various game concepts have been created over the years, and several historically important games have functioned as technology demonstrations. In the 1950s, William A. Higginbotham created Tennis for Two for the Brookhaven National Laboratory.

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