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Watch Korean Series On Amazon Prime

by James William

If you have a subscription to Amazon Prime, then you can watch many Korean dramas on your streaming device. It offers a wide selection of genres and has both subtitled and dubbed shows. Criminal profiler Shin gets pulled back into the case of serial killings from twenty years ago in this drama that will appeal to those who enjoy police-related shows.

Forecasting Love And Weather

A fan-favorite, this drama follows the love lives and workplace ups and downs of the employees at the Korea Meteorological Administration. Office romances, breakups and affairs abound. Trauma surgeon Mo Yeon (Song Hye Kyo) falls for the leader of a special forces unit after he and his team chase down a thief on their day off. They soon realize that they have very different views about human life.

While many pirated sites offer ดูซีรี่ย์เกาหลี, legitimate streaming services are available, including Viki and Kocowa. Both offer a variety of shows and can be watched online, on mobile devices or on Apple TV. While free viewing is available, a subscription allows for ad-free viewing and access to new shows within hours of their airing in Korea. The subscription also includes access to other Asian shows and movies.

Thirty Nine

Thirty Nine is a heartwarming and funny drama that showcases deep friendships that span decades. The story follows three women (Son Ye Jin, Hospital Playlist’s Jeon Mi Do and theater actress Kim Ji-hyun) who are on the cusp of turning 40. Their worlds are turned upside down when they learn that one of their friends is terminally ill. The ladies work hard to make her the happiest patient possible and learn along the way that happiness isn’t easy, but it can be found in the small things.

Son, Jeon and Kim each pair off with a man throughout the series, but it’s their bond that’s truly special. The supporting cast features Yeon Woo-jin, Lee Tae Hwan and Lee Moo-saeng. Laugh, cry and sigh as you watch these three besties experience life’s ups and downs in this heartwarming, comedy-drama.

All Of Us Are Dead

The Korean drama All of Us Are Dead is a thriller set in a high school that becomes ground zero for a zombie virus outbreak. As students struggle to survive the horde of rabid infected, they make real friendships and begin to understand what love really means.The series has received particular attention for depicting the way bullying can lead to disastrous consequences. It is a very real depiction of the kind of relentless teasing students at Hyosan High School receive, and how that can quickly turn them into monsters of their own.

One of the most popular teen dramas in the world, All of Us Are Dead currently ranks number 11 on Netflix’s Top 10 list of shows watched worldwide. This popularity likely has a lot to do with the fact that it is a zombie show, but also because it explores how a society can fail its young people.

Bad Mom’s Son

Thanks to the global popularity of K-pop, South Korean dramas have seen a surge in interest. And with streaming services now making it easier than ever to watch them, there’s no excuse not to get on the bandwagon. Among the many options for viewing Korean series is Viki, which offers free subtitles in English for almost every episode. Its wide-ranging content includes romances, adventure tales, fantasy stories and historical dramas. You’ll also find comedies and horror titles on the platform.

Another option is Kocowa, which offers a subscription-based service that specializes in Korean entertainment. Its UI is similar to that of Netflix, and its selection includes both new and classic titles. You can stream titles on the site as part of a free trial or purchase a subscription for a flat rate of $9 per month. The platform is accessible on a range of devices, including Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV. You’ll also find a number of popular K-dramas on Hulu.


Dramas are heart-wrenchingly entertaining, and they can also boost your language skills. These eleven resources can help you get your K-drama fix. Netflix offers a variety of Korean titles, including family dramas that will make you cry. Or, try Alchemy of Souls for a period drama with magic and romance.

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